Run solo -> virtually with us

*40min coached run

-> motivation

-> variety

-> banish the boredom

-> hit new PBs!

Transform Your Running

"It's been something different &
new - a great motivator.
Thanks to Chrissie & Zoom Running again. Hitting top speeds!"


Live expert run coaching over audio to motivate & inspire you
Zoom Running - what on earth is it?!...
& why?!


Zoom Running started in lockdown, when some of the runners Chrissie coached were struggling to stay motivated running on their own, and it's had such an incredible impact on all the runners who have joined, that it's here to stay.

The inaugural Zoom Run 1 Apr 2020

On 1 Apr 2020, Chrissie and her runners tried the first ever "Zoom Run"

- all of them logged into the Zoom app' on their phones

- all of them running in different locations

- audio only so they could see where they're running

- Chrissie ran, coached and prompted throughout.

And somehow it worked - exceptionally well!

And the wonderful world of Zoom Running began.

It's live - so there's no putting it off until later (and never doing it!)

There's a great connected group of runners, who you'd happily hang out with as well as run with

The runs are designed for all levels

Chrissie and all the Zoom Runners log into the Zoom app'

- from all around the world

- all levels of abilities

- Chrissie is there to  motivate and help you get the most out of your running

When are the Zoom Runs?

Mon 7:45-8:25am GMT: Steady chatty run

The aim is to get you up and out starting your week right with a steady run. We either encompass technique work to help your running, or have incredible guest runners to keep you interested, motivated and learning some good nuggets :)

Wed 6:00-6:40pm GMT: Intervals

The intervals are all coached on effort level - to ensure that regardless of your speed you're optimising your training.

I'm not sure anyone feels like it before we start - but the results are mind blowing! So many runners have completely smashed life-time PB's by joining. 

What do I need?

* Zoom App' downloaded on your phone

* Headphones

* Ready to start promptly


How far do we run?

* This very much depends on your speed

* The runs are 40min long, including warm up & cool down.

What level of runner is this for?

* Most runners are recreational runners looking for fun and motivation

* We have runners logging in who struggle to get to 5k on their own, to those who've broken 2hr20 marathons!

How do I join?

* You can come and try, to see what it's like by booking here

* Your spot is valid for the next week. If you can't make it, I will try to re-book you, but can't guarantee it.

* If you would like to join us after, your trial


Mon 7:45-8:25am GMT: Steady chatty run

The aim is to get you up and out starting your week right with a steady run. We either encompa

Zoom Run

- Run solo

- virtually with Chrissie & friends


If you're looking for help with your running mojo

Try a "Zoom Run with Chrissie"

* Chrissie runs with you virtually & coaches you over the phone

*Effort & technique based, so you go as steady or as hard as your body is ready for

*No need to worry what others make of you

*You'll achieve so much more than on your own

* Post run virtual Q&A / coffee & cake

Online Run Coaching


An abundance of support and expert coaching to optimise your running


For complete beginners to competitive runners looking to

* stop stagnating

* stay motivated

* avoid injury

* fuel your running effectively

* run further faster more confidently



Look to and at Chrissie, to be coached inspired and motivated. She's a good'un


I'd been hopeful my first marathon 4hr30,

with Chrissie, I not only smashed my half PB to 1:48, but run a 3:57 marathon!

Very pleased with that time!


Thank you Chrissie, your coaching was a key part of getting there


Can’t thank Chrissie  enough for her realistic and sensible approach to coaching, and for everything she’s helped me to achieve 



Smashed my half PB! 1hr 24

Consistency in my training, finally fueling races right, training right!

more PBs to come!



PB at half to 1hr 48

Marathon target: 4hr 30

Marathon achieved: 3hr 57

@49yrs old, & only in first year of running


I can't thank Chrissie enough, 

Not only am I running again, but I'm achieving things I never thought possible for me.

Her support when I've been unsure has been invaluable



sub 2hr half marathon

multiple half PBs

first marathon @55yrs old in 4hr32


Chrissie, I hope you're feeling as good as you make us feel




finally feeling like a proper runner!

friends and family keep commenting about how much happier I am - it may not sound like alot, but for me it's made such a difference


If you're thinking of joining, 

Do it.

Get fit in body and mind.

I've gained confidence and positivity. It's the improvement not only in my fitness but my mindset

All of this, down to this inspirational woman!



ETAPE, half marathon , winter 10k... 

but above all, feeling on top of the world



half marathon PB,

multiple 10k PBs

progressed from first sprint duathlon to competing at ultra!

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