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Blighty being Blighty - The art of rain running

Well, it was inevitable wasn't it?

Jumpers, tights, coats are an inevitable part of the British summer - even this spectacular year

And rain.

Of course

So what do you do with your running when temperatures drop?

There's that mix of knowing when you head out the door your body will be cold, but at some point your temperature will increase, and unless you want to run with a backpack, or boil, the right kit is key.

First, and foremost for rain running - a cap

This will keep the rain out your eyes and off your face - being able to see is important

Second - don't wear a "waterproof"

The majority of waterproofs act as boil in a bag!

Something that is wind-resistant will fare you much better

Look for lightweight jackets with vents that you can unzip and the words "breathable"

I'd always go breathable over heavy, so you can layer up underneath


go have fun in the puddles :)

Happy rain running

Chrissie x

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