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Planking it

This week, one of my favourites for bolstering running - the plank

It sophenomenally effective at getting your core working quickly.

Love it!

Form is KEY.

If it starts to falter, rest.

Head to toe is flat, bum and hips aren't drooping nor are they up in the air.

If drooping: engage core by imagining belly button pulling into your spine.

Arms slightly wider than shoulder width

Hands or forearms on ground

Squeeze those butt cheeks (glutes!)

Feel legs working but don't lock knees

Tuck your tailbone under

90 degree bend in arms so elbow directly below shoulders

Easier: do this with your knees on the ground.

Harder: do this dynamically - tap left foot out 10 times, then right, then repeat for as long as you can hold form.

So how long will your planks be?

If you're new, I say aim for 20 seconds a day, and try to work it up to 30.

I'm going static for 10sec then dynamic taps L&R 10 reps each, 10 times a day.

Well, that's the plan anyway :)

Happy training, Chrissie

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