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Lots of reflection while running today

At points the run was tough and really gritty to get through... I struggled in parts that I know at previous points in life would have been okay, some even easy My hip has felt unstable recently when I run, which I don't like,

I'm done with operations But it's those tough bits, and pushing through them that's part of the magic of running And as much as I wish running was as easy as it use to be, I also know that when I competed I had tough days, tough points and it was keeping going through them, knowing when to back off and when to push that jumped my fitness I have moments of feeling like I "should" be running at the level I use to, Instagram is plaugued with success stories, and sometimes I'm plagued by that ugly "I'm not good enough" sensation I think it's one of the worst things alot of people succumb to,

While I believe, integral to us as humans is a need to have goals and ambition and to evolve,

its important to keep track of what you're achieving and becoming

....not to focus on what you're not...

If ever your head starts to tip into that spiral, or anyone ever makes you feel like that "you're not good enough" Ask yourself First - according to whose rule book? Second - are you hurting anyone by what you're doing? Third - what cool battles (even if they're itsy t eenie ones) have you overcome Forth - does it help you, to be and become the person you want to For me, running is a beautiful way to sort my head out, and even if my head doesn't need sorting out, it's beautiful 🤩 I hope I keep it real enough to inspire you, and make yoy realise that you really are utterly unlimited in what you do with your running and your health, and acknowledge what a wonderful thing you're doing for yourself And achieving You, like everyone else, had the option to stay on the couch, but you popped your trainers on #beproud #staywonderful #happyrunning


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