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Lessons learned from Marathon Coaching with England Athletcis

Yesterday I spent time with some of the leading marathon athletes, coaches and experts in the UK

Quite something

We're all endeavouring to optimise marathon performance

- personally, it's for my runners

and as well as the end result, I'm an advocate of enjoying the journey there too :)

There were experts in physiology, including the excellent Charlie Peddlar, and Georgia, who, well -

that girl most certainly can

a 2:37 marathon under her belt

I'm digesting everything I learned and will share in due course

They're developing an elite program

- targeting 2:38 for women, 2:18 for men (so looking to bring in runners who are achieving sub 3 for females and sub 2:30 for males) - if you know any, please do pop them in their direction

That aside,

what you have to understand is the principles of training at an elite level are the same you follow wherever you are in your journey if you want to improve

....it's just they go quite a big bit quicker!

And it all comes down to

- your training

- your nutrition

- your mindset

I'm going to start off with elements from the training,.... so watch this space for more

happy running

your coach,

Chrissie xx

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