Run solo -> virtually with us

*40 min coached run

-> motivation

-> variety

-> banish the boredom

-> run quicker

What is it?

When is it?

How do I  join

* Chrissie runs with you virtually & coaches you over the phone

*Effort & technique based, so you go as steady or as hard as your body is ready for

*No need to worry about others 

*You'll achieve so much more than on your own

*Proudly supporting CALM

Campaign Against Living Miserably

What is Zoom Run with Chrissie, & why should you join?

**please note, this video was recorded live -> so times may have changed since it was recorded. For most up-to-date info, see "When is it" section


Mon 7:45-8:25am GMT

steady chatty run to start the week right

sign up by Fri 10pm GMT

Wed 6pm - 6:40pm GMT

effort based intervals

Sign up by Tue 10pm GMT 

What do I need?

* Zoom Ap downloaded on your phone

* Headphones

* Ready to start  promptly (no late arrivals)

How far do we run?

This very much depends on your speed.

The run is 30-40min in total, including warm up

What if I decide it's not for me?

I've never had this :), but it you decide it isn't, you can just leave the call, and carry on on your own

What level of runner is it for?

All! - > we have runners who struggle to keep going on their own to those breaking 2hr 20 marathons!

Monday morning chatty run

A friendly, positive way to start your week, includes nuggets like this:

Special Guest Runners

Special Guest Runner

Pete  Goldring ->

Incredible runner - we chat motivation, injury prevention, increasing distance and running a running business

Special Guest Runner

Martin Farrell>

 An inspiring 70 yr old Olympic Triathlete

- what keeps him motivated? How can you stay as fit as him ?

Special Guest Runner

Alisa Patterson>

Chatting what steps she took to go from a 6hr+ marathoner to BQ 3:23hr so you can too

Special Guest Runner

Helen Roberts>

Not only an inspiring runner but a serial entrepreneur with top tips on setting your week up for success

Special Guest Runner

Graham  McKenna>

He'll be chatting about his incredible 21 marathons in 7 days!!

Special Guest Runner

Rhys Jenkins>

Incredible ultra runner & lovely human chats his record breaking  870 miles run

Special Training

Running Form

Start the week right, incl top tips to improve your running & avoid injury

All things nutrition

Start the week right & learn how to optimise your running nutrition

Running technique

From proproception to drills to aid your form and prevent injury


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